Vendor Information

From here you can download a form to register as an exhibitor/vendor or to place an advertisement in our program. Forms are in PDF format, and can be printed and mailed in.  Please make checks payable to "The Peace Fair."

Although guided by Quaker principles of peace, equality, social justice and stewardship of the environment, the Peace Fair is a nonsectarian and nonpartisan event, and we ask that you refrain from sharing religious or partisan candidate/party political materials at the fair. 

The Peace Fair is meant to attract people of many persuasions and opinions, so all materials should be nonabrasive in content and appropriate for a family audience. We find that material presented in a factual and positive fashion can reach a larger audience. The Peace Fair Committee reserves the right to remove material it feels does not meet these criteria.

Setup: A table (8’x30”) and two chairs are provided. Bring a skirt or decoration for your table, as well as a canopy or tent for the warm September sun. Request electricity or water at your table if needed. Setup is 7:30-10:00am. The Fair begins at 10:30am and ends at 4pm, when breakdown begins. Vendors who wish to arrive or leave earlier than the regular arrival/departure times must use the Buckingham Friends School (lower east) parking lot, as there is no vehicle access into or out of the fair between 9:45am and 4:30pm.

Food Sales: Food and beverage sales for consumption at the fair are not permitted, except by separate contract with the Peace Fair. 

Sales Tax: Exhibitors/vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting any applicable sales tax. It may take up to six weeks to obtain a certificate. Security: We cannot assume responsibility for damage, injury, theft, or loss of exhibitor work or property.

Refunds: If you need to withdraw before August 1, 2024, a full refund will be made, and if the fair fails to take place for any reason, all vendor, exhibitor and advertiser payments will be refunded.